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What's New?
     This ongoing feature will highlight the continuous developments at Endless Trail Bike Shop. We will point out the new bikes we receive, the new accessories, the new specials, and anything else that pops up at the shop.
     New for us this year is the recumbent bicycle. Designed by Easy Racers, it could be the answer for those riders who find a conventional bike too uncomfortable to ride. It comes in blue or red, has 21 speeds, conventional bicycle parts, and is priced at only $599.99. It will get you back on a bicycle. Not only will it not hurt your back, it will not hurt your pocketbook either. Come in and take a test ride!
     Also new for us this spring are skateboards. We have everything you need to dazzle your friends. We have name brand decks, wheels, trucks, and all the small parts you will need to keep going. We even have complete boards so you can skate out the door.

What Else is New?

     Nick has announced his first annual bicycle wheelie contest. Call or Email for more information. Nick has also cut his hair really short. When asked if he got a hair cut, he was heard to say, "No, I didn't. I got them all cut!".
     Jane has been busy selecting new riding clothes so cyclists can ride in comfort and look good. Jane has also had hre hair cut. When asked why, she exclaims, "Why are you obsessed with people's hair?".
     Jim has finally washed his shop apron. He has also talked about getting his hair cut. When asked why, he said, "Man, I've got to stop talking to myself.".
     Judy, the shop cat, woke up this morning and discovered that her food dish was only half full. It tok her all day to recover from this trauma.
     Bubs, the other shop cat, slept in the sun all day today. What else is new?

What's new with you? Let us know.Email