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Endless Trail Bike Shop
506 S Main    Council Bluffs, Iowa    51503
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ph:  712-322-9760
fax: 712-329-3508

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What's New?
     Endless Trail Bike Shop is proud to announce that we are now carrying Phat Cycles, Giant and Diamondback bicycles. From the inexpensive beginner bike to the higher priced expert bike, these bicycle brands have it all. Take a look at what Phat Cycle, Giant and Diamondback have to offer. You're sure to find a bike that is just right for you. We still carry Raleigh, so there is no reason to shop any where else. We have the name brand bikes at a price you're sure to love.
     For those who do not plan on buying a new bike this year (shame on you), get your old bike tuned up so you can have many miles of trouble-free riding. Bring it in early to beat the rush. Our tune-ups start at $39.99. And your can be rest assured that we will take good care of your baby. Now is the time to get your bike ready for summer.

What Else is New?

     We carry Canari/Danskin Cycle Apparel that will not only make you look good riding, but will also keep you cool and dry during your spring rides. New this year from Canari/Danskin is the Coolmax Alta fabric from Dupont. This fabric provides excellent breathability, superior moisture management, UV protection, and is quick drying. Canari/Danskin Cyclewear offers a wide selection of quality jerseys, shorts, jackets and accessories at affordable prices.
     New from Topline is the Unigrip truck bed bicycle rack. With the popularity of pick up trucks, transporting bicycles has now become much easier. If you do not want your bike rattling around the back of your truck this new rack is for you. The Unigrip is easy to install, holds two bikes securely, and is priced at $139.99.
     Check out the new Council Bluffs Skateboard Park in style on a new complete skateboard from Endless Trail. Dazzle your friends with brand name decks, trucks, wheels and accessories. Win a prize for bringing in a picture of Nick wiping-out at the skate park.
     Judy and Bubs, the shop cats, have been anxiously awaiting these warmer days. Bubs is looking forward to sun naps on the sidewalks and Judy is longing for naps in customers' cars. Just remember when you come to visit us to roll your windows up on hot days (unless you like cat fur on your upholstery).

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